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Green Practices Take Root - Transworld, Steve Cummins

on Tuesday, 20 May 2014. Posted in News

If high profile companies such as Google, IBM, Verizon and Intel are anything to go by, green practices are becoming the norm, if not highly desired in today’s business stratosphere.

Often devoting entire divisions to enhance green practices and image, there’s no end to the innovative use of green tech. From running servers off wind and solar energy, using recycled materials in everyday office tasks, to the use of biodegradable chemicals and inks for printing and maintenance, these popular practices compete in the race to be the greenest of them all.

New Year’s Evolution

on Wednesday, 02 April 2014. Posted in News

After another successful year in 2013, Transworld Group continues to break new ground with existing and promising new ventures. Our exclusive interview (below) with CEO, Jamille Cummins, sheds light on what exciting prospects lie ahead for Transworld, in 2014 and beyond.