• Transworld Advantage

Adding Value

Transworld provides a highly skilled, personal hands-on approach to understanding client needs, assessing project opportunities and seeing them through to final outcome.

The primary aim of Transworld Group is to identify fledgling technologies and concepts as well as emerging businesses that have the potential to become successful global ventures and take them from concept or early-stage development to commercialisation and value realisation.

To enable this to happen, we have within our organisation a hugely experienced, talented group of people with skills in areas as diverse as the law and Intellectual Property (IP) creation to finance, corporate and business structuring and marketing and sales. Our hands-on approach means that during the development of a venture, we can bring this expertise to bear, adding value at every stage.

Our skills include:

  • Business structuring and development
  • IP creation, protection and commercialisation
  • Asset management
  • Project management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Advertising and design
  • Brand creation and management
  • Product engineering and development
  • IT development