• Transworld - Our Structure

Transworld Companies

There are subsidiaries within Transworld Group, which have been specifically developed to deliver the solutions that ultimately lead to global commercialisation. Our divisions have grown organically as the Group has matured and allow us to focus our breadth of expertise in the most effective way.

Transworld Capital Limited

Transworld Capital Limited’s (TCL) serves as the Group’s internal investment vehicle. Facilitated by funding received through external channels, TCL manages this investment by financing the Group’s other innovative enterprises such as Hush, by way of debt facility, thereby minimising any need for equity dilution within the SPV. Additionally it provides the Group with the necessary finance to support the acquisition of new assets and projects.

TCL is supported by its Singaporean subsidiary Transworld Capital Pte Ltd.

Transworld Management Limited

Transworld Management Limited (TML) is the Group’s resource and consultancy division. It delivers a range of corporate services to clients that sit outside of the Group’s core projects. By offering value added services through its available pool of highly skilled resources, TML aims to enhance its clients’ businesses.

Transworld Resources – Sustainable natural resources

Transworld Resources Limited (TRL) represents our continued commitment in green initiatives, endeavouring to nurture natural resources with an emphasis on sustainable food production.

TRL identifies and acquires strategic interests in natural resources and supporting technologies, applying its own models to ensure those resources are properly managed and sustained.

It is the -

  • Creator of the TASSEA brand for world-class Tasmanian based food and beverage products
  • Provider of specialist fishing investment and management services and expertise for the Australian fishing industry through its subsidiary
Find out more about Tassea: www.tassea.com