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Hush Wind Energy

Hush Wind Energy is the first small wind energy company capable of becoming a major player in the global clean energy market.

Using the most efficient, technologically advanced small wind turbine available and our unique, proprietary buffering system, we create energy, then manage, distribute and sell it. It is this unique combination of sophisticated technology and bespoke business models, that allow us to deliver a range of innovative and flexible clean energy solutions to business, domestic and utility markets.

The Hush difference

  • The Hush turbine is silent*, vibration-free and ideal for use in urban areas
  • Used with forced air produced by high velocity ventilation and exhaust systems, Hush turbines can give companies a consistent, cost-effective supply of electricity
  • Hush turbines capture and produce more wind energy than any other turbine design – giving customers up to 35% more power
  • Bird and bat-friendly – these creatures see the Hush turbine as a solid disc and avoid it
  • Energy can be stored to be used when energy costs are at their peak or sold to the grid to generate revenue
*Noiseless in operation
Hush Wind Energy® is a registered trademark of Hush Wind Energy Limited