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Pollution Management

We all have a duty, industry and individuals alike, to protect our most precious resource, the environment, from pollution.


Through our Sokerol organic waste and spill management products, Transworld is redefining how hazardous waste is classified. As such, we are directly responsible for helping to reduce the ecological and economic problems associated with the treatment and disposal of hydrocarbon waste. To find out more about our range of industrial and domestic products, please visit www.sokerol.com.

Ecotech Solutions

Ecotech Solutions intent on bringing about positive change through investing in plastics removal, transformation technologies and projects

Working in conjunction with governments and their corporate and people citizens to promote the controlled use of non recyclable single use plastics and rid the planet of these pollutants, while offering other utility options and transformation to non polluting outcomes

Ecotech Solutions will invest in and acquire technologies and projects that support the vision