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on Friday, 22 November 2013. Posted in News

You can build any future you want if you let yourself grow, have faith in your dreams or visions, and become open to new ideas.
John F. Wasik - author, speaker, journalist.


There's been so much exciting and different activity in Transworld Group this year, we decided we needed to tell that story. That’s why our website has a totally new fresh, modern look and tone of voice. It reflects that, over the past 12 months, our focus has been shifting from a service-based industry to an ethos that is more entrepreneurial.

This has been in part because we have identified some exciting new opportunities, like Tassea, our latest venture and the showcase for all things organic and delicious from Tasmania. We're busy providing support and investment as Tassea develops with the ultimate aim of building a brand that will create wealth for all its stakeholders.

Also many of our projects, in particular Hush Wind Energy and tawqk, are travelling rapidly towards commercialisation. At the same time, Sokerol is poised to move to the next level with new markets for distribution and sales opening up as we go to press.

All in all, the next few months will be enormously important for the Group as all the superb groundwork and dedication our team has poured into each project starts to bear fruit. Exciting times ahead. To keep abreast with what's going on at Transworld Group, watch this space. Or to find out more now, contact us.