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    Daniel Lowrie

    Global Projects Director

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Daniel Lowrie

As a highly successful entrepreneur, technical advisor and project manager, Daniel is superbly equipped to undertake the role of Global Projects Director. Based in Colorado, USA and having lived and worked internationally, Daniel delivers a unique blend of commercial, technical and management experience to his position and stewardship of Transworld various projects and associated investment portfolio.

In his role as Global Projects Director, Daniel is responsible for technical and operational due diligence coupled with project management in a range of Transworld projects primarily involving mining, recycling & renewable technologies, the environment and clean energy. The role also encompasses market research and product commercialisation and implementation principally in the N.American market.

In undertaking this role, Daniel is able to call on his success in having over just 3 years built a US$ multi million organisation with over 50 employees delivering optimised technical services and workflow in upstream Oil & Gas along with delivering high level technical and engineering solutions within USA and international market territories.

Before this, Daniel was both Technical Project Manager and Business Development Manager with a USA energy development enterprise, being responsible for budgets of up US$50m. In this role, he directly managed engineering and technical teams and was responsible for project scheduling and on-time completion, along with all contracting and logistics. Prior to this, Daniel managed field operations for multiple upstream oil and gas operators in the Rockies (USA) as well as fulfilling multiple positions with environmental and drilling companies on the W. Coast (USA) and engaging in groundwater remediation projects within the western states (USA).

Daniel brings to Transworld a unique and extensive blend of knowledge, skills and experience across a range of disciplines and is a great asset to the team.

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