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Our call rates are 50-80% cheaper on average than those charged by other companies

tawqk provides a global Personal Cloud-based eXchange (PCX) and low cost international calling service from any type of phone - analogue or digital, fixed or mobile. tawqk cleverly separates itself from its competitors with its range of proprietary features that enhance the user’s experience and enable personalised management of their communications – from individuals who want an easy and affordable way to connect with friends and family overseas to SMEs who need a powerful platform to deliver flexible and effective communications. On average, our call rates are 50-80% cheaper than those charged by other phone companies and VoIP providers - including Skype, Google Voice, Vonage and more. And there’s no contract to sign.

Easy to use and low-cost, tawqk includes these great enhanced functions:

  • Hunt - Automatically dial every number for a contact in succession
  • Blast - Dial every number for a contact at the same time
  • Conference - Create dynamic conference calls with your contacts
  • UTX & Text-to-Dial - It’s never been easier to get in touch

To find out more about how tawqk makes it easier for you to keep in touch: www.tawqk.com

Tawqk® is a registered trademark of Tawqk Corporation Limited