• About Transworld - Telecommunication


In today’s global market, there is more opportunity for growth and expansion than ever before. The importance of having flexible and cost-effective methods of communication cannot be underestimated.

To answer the needs of business and individuals alike, Transworld Telecom has been established as the dedicated global telecommunications arm of the Transworld Group.

Through our proprietary soft switch, back end call data capabilities and billing functions coupled with Web call and account management functions, we can operate as a fully-integrated global telecommunications carrier. Among others, we provide wholesale voice, peering and hosted services.

Transworld Telecom is also the creator, majority owner and exclusive carrier to tawqk - a global service providing customers with low cost international and domestic calls from any phone as well as a range of enhanced services. To find out why it is better to tawqk, visit www.tawqk.com.